The Dubious Expedition

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Speaking of amazing collaborators, this is the next major thing on my plate.

Leslie Levings(Beastlies) and I have teamed up to curate a show full of nautical mystery and curious creatures. It’s going to be pretty great.

In 1876, led by Captain James Maury, the H.M.S Chimera set sail from the Port of London with a charter to circumnavigate the globe for the purposes of collecting scientific and anthropological specimens for the collection of the British Empire.

Captain Maury was convinced of –nay, obsessed with–  the existence of the island kingdom of Jobogo: an archipelago in the Pacific that every other scientist, cartographer and naval officer of the time dismissed as mythical.  Maury claimed to have seen it at a distance in his early whaling days.

While other ships’ logs mention coming across the H.M.S Chimera during their own voyages, reporting the crew in good spirits and great health, the H.M.S Chimera disappears from records in 1877.  By 1880, the ship and her crew are considered lost at sea.

In 1900, the H.M.S. Chimera is found drifting with cargo hold full of dazzling and wonderful things, but only two crew members – the ship’s navigator, and the cook. Neither navigator nor cook were able to explain the contents of their cargo hold, or in fact – any aspect of their voyage at all. The ship’s cook was institutionalized shortly thereafter, and the navigator spoke of little else but the “glorious horrors” until he disappeared on a Scottish moor three months later.

The findings of the Chimera were quickly sequestered into the collection of the British Museum, and hidden away for over a century.

 You can RSVP to opening night(October 25th) via this Facebook event.

home, from the desert.

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We’re home. My backyard looks like a gigantic pile of platforms and walls and miscellaneous lumber.

Jason says it’ll take a little bit to sink in – but we went to the desert and built something pretty big and a lot of people liked it. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to put it into words. Have you ever spent a couple weeks surrounded by amazing people, who make you feel constantly outclassed, who are so absolutely talented and smart and competent – and somehow, you actually get to call them your collaborators? I’ll be chasing that feeling for years to come, I think.

I want to say that it feels like magic, but it’s doesn’t. It feels like work, and I like work. I feel like more than any year, I’ve returned home with a renewed focus and a desire to make amazing things, and to get better at making things. A lot of the work I’ve been producing lately has felt a bit like rote memorization. I mean, I like it. It’s still good, objectively speaking. But I feel like I’ve been resting on my current body of knowledge, and not really striving to do more, or learn more. I’ve always known I had the capacity to do more – it’s just a matter of doing it. So, I will.

Here are some pictures, and there are more links and progress pictures at

Studio Update – July 7th, 2014

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Oh goodness, the weeks are passing so quickly. Here’s this week’s batch of updates.

1. First, if you’d like to purchase a copy of Blood Root #1, you can get the digital copy for free here, and the print version here!

2. A bit of a rush job, but I’m quite happy with how this illustration turned out. It’s for Jaymee and Joyce’s Southeast Asian steampunk anthology.

It’s supposed to be representative of an alleyway market, with hawker stalls, specifically a Malaysian one. There are a couple specifically Malaysian things in there, like the kite(a Malay kite design called the wau bulan. It is traditionally flown by men, but I’m not a huge fan of Malaysian patriarchy either, so it’s being flown by a woman), the fact that the hawker stall would cater to Malay, Chinese and Indian people(although since steampunk is kind of utopian anyway, I’m sidestepping issues of racial tension) and the window architecture is pulled off Jonker Street buildings, which are influenced by Dutch architecture(one of the early colonizers of my hometown, Malacca).

3. I launched the Kickstarter for the Last Outpost, my post apocalyptic haunted house installation going to Burning Man this year. Any support at all would be appreciated!

4. I learned how to sort of draw perspective, and Center for Otherworld Science has updated.


A late June studio update…

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Clearly, this is gonna be a monthly updated blog sort of thing. That’s okay! The best place to keep up with me is Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or Facebook…but if you prefer just a monthly dump of updates…by all means, continue to read this blog!

Here’s what I’ve been up to…

1. I got a major Sawdust Press accomplishment done this month, sending Blood Root #1 to press! Here’s a picture of the front and back covers(front cover is a bit out of date, Tarwater Studio has been added to it as well), both of which I painted.



2. I also finished the designs for a small notecard set, featuring some of my favourite cryptids. I’m working through some other geographic regions as well.



3. Oh, I finished a 8 page foldy zine as well! It’s called the Field Guide to the Common Leafbug, and the title is pretty self explanatory. In my world, I see it as an educational guide produced by the Center for Otherworld Science. Here’s are the pages, laid out in no particular order, but I’ll be listing it in my store soon if you’d like a physical copy.


4. Work progresses on The Last Outpost! If you don’t know what the Last Outpost is, it’s a post apocalyptic haunted house installation that will be going to Burning Man this year. I got a honararium from the Burning Man organization that helps me with the cost of lugging a 26′ box truck full of lumber 1600 miles, but it’s still a lot of work(and money!) going into this project that I’m doing because I really, really, really want to. The best way to keep up with what’s going on on that front is to follow


I’m really glad I get to work on this project. I love comics and sculpting, but there’s this wonderful productive energy that I get sucked into when I get to get my hands dirty and build something big, and it just really helps all my other art thrive, as much as I end up getting panicky about deadlines because this BIG HUGE PROJECT I took on is sucking up all of my time.

5. Oh right, I am a sculptor. The best way to keep up with what I’m doing is on Instagram, but I swear – I really have been sculpting a bit.




6. Oh, ONE MORE THING. I’ve been working on some new stories that will probably take the form of comics. This one is about a bunch of eleven year old girls who are training to pilot adorable mechs to smash on confused monsters. The mechs are pretty adorable too. It’s called Miss Kitty’s School for Mech Pilots. Miss Kitty is a cat.




7. Wait, I’m not done. I updated The Center for Otherworld Science comic with quite a few new pages as well. This current chapter has space worms in it. You can catch up at


Alright. I’m done now. See you next month!

Studio Update – May

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Holy crap, is it the latter half of May already?

Here’s what I’ve been up to.

The show at Archimedes Gallery was fantastic, and some work is still available here. Also, the Daily Astorian wrote a bit about Leslie and I!

I also got to take some pictures of this big dude while in Oregon. Oregon is so ridiculously green, guys. You can check out the rest of the photoset on Tumblr.


I’ve been on a space worm drawing kick, coming out of the chapter of Otherworld Science I’ve been working on this month. I recommend getting caught up on the comic – it’s one of the most fun things on my plate right now and I just love comics so damn much.



Other than that, I’ve been penciling the pages for my story in the Beyond Anthology, which is very stressful because penciling is what I find most difficult. I’ve also been working on The Last Outpost, my post apocalyptic haunted house installation, although the pictures from those probably won’t get good for a month or so.

Wondercon 2014!

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Wondercon was fantastic! We had a bunch of things going on at the table, so here’s a handy guide to what you may have been interested in!

  • If you’re looking for the awesome woman with blue hair, she is the wonderful and talented CB Webb, and you should read her beautiful webcomic, The Hanged Man. She’ll also be in an upcoming issue of Blood Root in late 2014.
  • If you are interested in Blood Root, submissions are currently closed, but will open again in late 2014. You can review the guidelines here.
  • If you were interested in the monster sculptures, that’s my art, and you can follow me on Tumblr here and read the comic they are tangentially connected to here – the Center for Otherworld Science. Also, you can scroll down for more information on my art show with Leslie Levings in May!
  • If you were really into the art in Marie and Jeanne, that’s by the ridiculously amazing James Neish.
  • And of course, if you wanted a digital copy of our books, they are always pay-what-you-can on Gumroad, and Marie and Jeanne is also currently available on Comixology

Thank you for coming by! I loved meeting every one of you and I am honored and grateful that you support our work! 

(The doofy Rockbeast and the eggheaded Larm do not hold an opinion about Wondercon, but they don’t really like anything)

Dubious Beasts: Symbiosis at Archimedes Gallery

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The Travelling Museum of Dubious Beasts Presents: Symbiosis is going to feature a motley crew of beasts and bugs and lots of slimy, cute things from Leslie Levings and me, and it’s going to be a great show!

The weekend schedule for the opening is up on the Archimedes Gallery site, and you can also see our progress on Tumblr.

Studio Updates – March!

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I’ve been remiss at updating this blog! As usual, I’m a lot better at Instagram and Tumblr.

1. Patreon! If you’d like a way to support the work that I publish(for free!), Patreon is pretty awesome. I’m using it to provide a $20 monthly art subscription for my work, but I am also doing some in depth blogging on my art and business in patron-only blog posts, which you can access for just $1 a month. That includes sources, techniques, actual numbers($), etc…so if you think that sort of thing could be helpful to your own work, I’d be grateful for the support.

2. I released chapter 3 of the Center for Otherworld Science. There is a giant blue bug, and someone finally takes off a helmet.

3. Shows! All three shows I mentioned here, are now open! I have three paintings still available from Supahcute’s Science Fair, and three sculptures still available from Rotofugi.

4. Upcoming conventions! I’ll be at Wondercon in Anaheim in April! Small Press table #59, and I’ll have issue 1 of The Center for Otherworld Science, an assortment of adorable pins, and postcards and prints and things I haven’t quite decided on yet…

Comics! Comics! Comics!

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So, I have a lot of updates on the comics front!

First, I’ve been writing cranky memoir stuff, and they’ve been recently published/syndicated on The Toast and Bitch Magazine, so that’s great because I love writing for awesome publications that pay me.

Five Things I fear (on the Toast)

Just Eat It: a comic about food (on Bitch). This one makes people angry, so be forewarned.

But, the one I am the MOST excited to tell you about is that I’ve just finished Issue One of the Center for Otherworld Science comic. It collects Passage and Aftermath, so if you follow my work, you’ll have read them before, but there are end papers! And chapter headers! And the high res .pdf just looks better than Tumblr. It is available as a free, or pay-what-you-can downloadable .pdf from Gumroad. It’s about monsters and death, pretty much.

Alright, that’s it from the comics half of my world. I’m headed back into my studio for a few weeks to get some sculpting done. If you want regular updates on my life and work in progress images and the like, you should follow me on Twitter and/or Tumblr.

Upcoming Shows!

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Hey, I’ve got three group shows coming up! They are below, in chronological opening-night order.

1. Curious Beasts, at Clutter Gallery.(Beacon, NY) – Feb 8th to 28th.
I have five paintings in this one! They’re small and affordable! Also, there’s a bunch of artists I adore in it, like Leslie and Emma and Yosiell.


2. Travelling Circus, at Rotofugi Gallery (Chicago, IL) – February 15 – March 9th
I have four sculptures in this one! It’s a Circus Posterus group show.

I made these doofy bugs in sweaters for this show.


3. Supahcute Science Fair at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland (Los Angeles, CA) – March 8th – April 27th
I’m not done with my work for this show, but it’ll probably be a mix of paintings and small sculptures!

The poster for the show has a painting of mine on it too(it’s of Supahcute’s mascot – Millypus)!

I’ll be present at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland in March, but will not be travelling for the others. I’ll start talking about The Travelling Museum of Dubious Beasts presents: Symbiosis(yes, it’s a long title) soon too – that’s my 2 person show with Leslie Levings in May and it’s gonna be AWESOME.

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    Circus Posterus at Rotofugi
    Rotofugi Gallery
    Chicago, IL
    February 2014

    Curious Beasts
    Clutter Gallery
    Beacon, NY
    February 2014

    Supahcute Science Fair
    Leanna Lin's Wonderland
    Eagle Rock, CA
    March 2014

    Dubious Beasts : Symbiosis
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    Cannon Beach, OR
    May 2014

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    August 2014

    The Dubious Expedition
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    October 2014

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