goodbye, january

January 21st, 2013 § 0 comments

Hello there! I promised myself I’d blog more this year, and I’m certainly doing so more frequently than “not at all,” but I could probably still manage to do more. The best way to keep track of my art-progress and cat pictures is probably on Instagram – I am ‘sawdustbear’ there. But…definitely stay tuned to my blog if you like listening to me talk(which is of course, surprising, but I really do appreciate it).

This weekend, I made an amaaaazing tomato sauce, which was also ridiculously simple. It’s a Marcella Hazan recipe(The Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking), that I got by way of Smitten Kitchen, by way of my friend Erik. Seriously – just those three ingredients. I liked it so much that I drew it. I also ate two servings.

I also did some sculpting, trying to get a head start on my show with Leslie in May. I feel like I’ve finally gotten to that point where I’m planning out my workload well enough that I don’t spend the first couple weeks prior to a show freaking out, and let me tell ya’ – it’s AWESOME. Organization is great, guys! Who woulda thunk.

Anyway, I’ve also been sculpting some ocean critters.

And drawing them too.

And….and…there might be Fattybug 2.0 in the works…

It’s mid January and 77 degrees in Los Angeles, and I’m going to go outside.

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