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January 10th, 2014 § 1 comment

I wrote a comic for The Toast last November, which was just published today, and it’s gaining a really unexpected amount of traction…so if you’re looking at my blog today, you’re probably looking to see if I have any insightful thoughts about race.


I usually don’t. Other than being a Chinese-Malaysian person, so all my thoughts are about being a person of colour since I’m thinking them. I wrote a blog about writing that comic too, though – if you are so inclined to read it, it’s on Tumblr.

I’m mostly an illustrator and sculptor and I paint bugs, but some recent comics I’ve done in the watercolour vein include…

I’m currently working on my Center for Otherworld Science comics which tie into my sculpture and illustration work. They’re mostly absurdist sci fi and sort of odd. There is a three page preview of the next chapter here on Tumblr(Passage, listed above, was the first chapter).

Some stylistically different comics that are still mine(either as an artist, writer or publisher – I also run Sawdust Press) can be found on Gumroad, and all my books are always pay-what-you-can.

Thanks for visiting! :)

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  • Angela says:

    Well, I think I like you even more. I hope you consider doing more autobio comics. I am really enjoying the style of your watercolor comics and WAY looking forward to the next Passage comic.

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