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  • We did it.


    Every year at Burning Man, I find myself more and more humbled to be in the company of incredible and passionate doers and makers and artists and friends, full of get-shit-done magic and hard fucking work. To the Apothecary crew – it is a goddamn honor to work with you. You are all so badass […]

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  • cnc machines are for the planetbound.


    I’ll be honest, I look at all these grand art projects going up on playa(So beautiful! So majestic.), and I really feel like the weird and nerdy kid of the bunch. Like, the popular kids are hanging out with their glorious CNC cut panels, building the most awe inspiring structures, and we’re over here stuffing […]

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  • a tapestry for the dead.


    Hoxsey(our brilliant carpenter/painter/seamstress/cook) was talking about someday building a tapestry that chronicles lineage in some way. Because we’re about a month to truck load, and obviously have a surplus of time on our hands, we’ve decided – yeah, let’s do that(well, she’s doing that)! So, we’ll now have over a hundred square feet of handwoven […]

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  • Build is going well!

    We hit day #10 of our build yesterday! It is going really well. It’s been a good, if exceedingly hot couple of weeks(there’s a heat wave in LA right now), with Heather, Scott and I building in Carla’s yard full time, and a host of amazing volunteers cycling through. Most of our platforms are done, […]

  • Props
  • Specimen Bags

    We’ve had a lot of “wanna make a thing, but don’t know what!” responses to our call for props, and we are delighted by them! Here is an easy prop contribution, if you would like to help build the world of the Last Apothecary! 1. Acquire an interesting prop(medicine related, past or present). 2. Bag […]

  • Props
  • The Moondrake

    A preserved moondrake. The moondrake is an open source medicinal plant hybrid cultivated by outer rim space colonists, and used as a symbol of rebellion against the corporate pharmaceutical interests in the central colonies. Its origin has become somewhat of a folktale, spawning a complicated mythology involving witches and moon swamps(in actuality, the first successful […]