Traveller Wheels

Traveller Wheels are a common token carried by many space explorers and colonists. They are usually handmade by a loved one, with a material from the traveller’s hometown(or similarly important place). Symbols are etched into the wheel, commonly from Old Earth religious practices or cultural traditions, although several symbols specific to the Traveller Wheel have developed over time.

Traveler Wheels
Traveler Wheels

This example of a Traveller Wheel was given by Dinah Barbera, to her wife, Capt. Franny Kao, before Capt. Kao departed on a magnesium mining mission on Mars. The wheel is etched with an alchemical symbol for magnesium(for mission success), a modified fish hook symbol(for safe passage), and crossed dotted lines(“we will meet again”). It is made from clay from their farm in New Zealand. As of this writing, Capt. Kao has not returned from her mission.


(in the background, an amulet worn by Europa obsessed cultists for water related prayers, and an amulet often worn by outer space horticulturalists.)

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