Space Hobo Code


“This particular Space Hobo Code has its roots in “Stowaway My Heart,” a self published gay romance e-book by Old Earth author April Wednesday. No manuscripts of the full text exist today, and little is known about Ms. Wednesday.

Inexplicably, the book’s appendix, (which contains a code used by space pirate and starship stowaway Hale McDonald to communicate with his lover, Galactic Federated Navy Officer John Hanada), has been circulated amongst outer rim colonists and travellers for over a century.

Use of the code is surmised to have started as a joke, but there are now numerous instances of the glyphs being used in earnest. The code has evolved past the original 18 glyphs to over 80, and now includes alphanumeric symbols, as well as many glyphs intentionally specific to the life of outer space nomads.”

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