questionable dental casts and other stories

Before his death, the proprietor of the Black Rock Apothecary was known in the outer colonies for being generally willing to buy anything with a good story. As a result, the shelves of the Apothecary contain some fairly questionable artifacts, amongst the more “legit” items.


I set up some of our existing props in one of our cabinets today and then felt a little bit intimidated by the density of detail(very many of which are original props, and there’s gonna be things behind all those tiny doors as well) I’m trying to achieve with the Last Apothecary. We’ll do it, of course, and we are good at it. It’s just always odd to think “hey, we’re REALLY going to do this!”

Featured today: a parasite infested horn, and some rather odd looking dental molds.


I’m especially excited about the shelf or drawer of questionable dental casts that we will have around. These will be cast in plaster, because I love having varied and interesting textures.


We’re still fundraising for the Last Apothecary, which is a chance to get some of these strange props!

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