a tapestry for the dead.

Hoxsey(our brilliant carpenter/painter/seamstress/cook) was talking about someday building a tapestry that chronicles lineage in some way. Because we’re about a month to truck load, and obviously have a surplus of time on our hands, we’ve decided – yeah, let’s do that(well, she’s doing that)!

So, we’ll now have over a hundred square feet of handwoven tapestry on the ceiling of the Apothecary. And we have this myth, of an old apothecary, on the edge of space, who started a tapestry to honor his dead wife. The rumor of this memorial spreading, as outer colonists began to bring him things – him finding himself as a chronicler of the history of the outer colonies, and the tapestry evolving into a memorial for loved ones lost in space.

We’ve invented ritual, and tradition – a white strip of fabric used to commemorate a death when no other personal effects remain, the pilgrimage that a space traveller must take to the Apothecary on the edge of the universe to have the memory of their dead woven into the tapestry…

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