cnc machines are for the planetbound.

I’ll be honest, I look at all these grand art projects going up on playa(So beautiful! So majestic.), and I really feel like the weird and nerdy kid of the bunch. Like, the popular kids are hanging out with their glorious CNC cut panels, building the most awe inspiring structures, and we’re over here stuffing smelly herbs in jars and routing enough MDF by hand to take years off our collective lives. My first thoughts when I wake up in the morning are usually something along the lines of “Are people gonna get it?”

And then I look at what we’ve done so far, and the ridiculous and haunting space opera tragedy we’re telling, full of ritual and detail, and it’s fine. This is fine.

Fuck yeah, we’re the nerds.

Also, hey, look at our airlock door!

(TNG Klingon painting by Hoxsey, slightly more restrained painting by me. But, restraint is for the planetbound.)

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  1. Steve says: Reply

    I am SO excited for this! I’ll be with Kindred Spirit, the giant roaming bison, most of the burn but will definitely be stopping by. Nerds unite!

    1. shing says: Reply

      So excited to see you and your giant bison!!

  2. emilee says: Reply

    I cant wait to see this! thanks so much

  3. Saw your installation and it was honestly up there with Therm and the Lighthouse. So full of heart and soul! <3

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