We did it.

Every year at Burning Man, I find myself more and more humbled to be in the company of incredible and passionate doers and makers and artists and friends, full of get-shit-done magic and hard fucking work.

To the Apothecary crew – it is a goddamn honor to work with you. You are all so badass and inspiring and talented, and I hope you are all proud of this thing we did, full of story and adventure and the sort of dumb fun nerdy bullshit that only us weirdos could do. Thank you for trusting me and working with me and giving so much of your time and energy and creativity so that we could build art together. Let’s do it again soon.




From the bottom of my weird little space hobo heart, every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.





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  1. Fantastic job! You clearly put a ton of love into this. THANK YOU!!!

    And remember: Space debris? Leave it be!

  2. i was so happy to run into your crew early, maybe wednesday, during your build. had a great time doing pickle shots. got pretty hammered.
    i was working on joejoe martin’s koi pond, and decided to wander off into the abys. he has helped me with my last four projects, and i was grateful to finally work for someone else out there.
    congratulations on realizing a wonderfully immersive wonderland!
    -peter hudson

  3. One of my favorite installations this year…so creative and detailed! I look forward to what you come up with next. Thank you for your hard work and bringing something so special and unique to the playa!

  4. Lynx says: Reply

    I loved your apothecary. My friend Sage and I pored over the exhibits and curios. In a dusty post-apocalyptic wonderland, how delightful to find something that feels both futuristic and old. Beautifully done! Definitely one of our favorite experiences at the burn.

  5. Monica says: Reply

    Thank you! Im an herbalist in training and when I stumbled upon this art piece I knew I had to return with some of my homemade herbal potions in hand to share. So I returned the next night with some tinctures and glycerites and set up shop. As people entered I greeted them with “Welcome to the Black Rock Apothecary, can I offer you an herbal remedy?” I proceeded to spend the next 2-3 hours talking about my herbal remedies and sharing them with a very receptive audience. I couldn’t have asked for a better stage! I doubt creating a space for a new herbalist was your intention but it was a wonderful thing to stumble upon and fit right into. Thanks again.

    1. shing says: Reply

      That sounds AMAZING. Thank you for playing with the art!!! <3

  6. Holly says: Reply

    I absolutely love love loved this in so many ways! I went back to it many times and told everyone they should see it. The bulletin boards, lol. The imagination, creativity, and humor that went into everything was just so rich (only you can prevent plasma fires). And even a Darlingtonia there! I make little curio cabinets, so this was just amazing to experience. Thank you a thousand times for this experience!!

  7. Jason says: Reply

    It was an eerie feeling, walking from the end of Sonic Runway towards this lit up ghost town in the distance, sometimes being hidden by strong gusts of dusty wind. Eventually my girlfriend and I made it there. It was silent. There were only a handful of people ( including a tall man in a hospital gown and surgical mask) wondering around, no one speaking, just looking.

    Thanks for all the hard work and effort you all put into it!

  8. Joe G says: Reply

    We only made it out to the apothecary one night, but I had an amazing time making “cocktails” for people who were walking through the room. The creator of this piece was there while I was doing it and I remember him saying he should have thought about what I was randomly doing and improvising with. If it makes it’s way back out there and you wanted to do something interactive with it, I would love to spend time out there again making up concoctions for wandering souls floating through.

    1. shing says: Reply

      That sounds amazing! So glad you were able to stop by and play and interact with the piece! I’m a woman, but I’m glad you were able to meet one of the super rad crew.

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