The Black Rock Civilian Defense Corps builds universal narratives that envelope the audience-participant in immersive alternate realities, largely with a science fiction bent. Our core crew consists of a motley bunch of theatre designers and educators, carpenters, mechanics, welders, game designers, programmers, filmmakers, and various other maker types.

We’ve also won three trophies at the 75th and 76th Annual Niland Tomato Festivals.

We built:

The Omega 2 (2015)

The Last Outpost (2014)

The Dusty Junk (2011-2014)

The Omega 1 Spacepod (2008-2009)

The Dusty Junk, photo by Wayne Stadler
The Last Outpost, photo by Terry Pratt
The Omega 2 Spacepod, photo by Kim Brunner
The Omega 1. Photo ©2009 Espressobuzz
The Omega 1. Photo ©2009 Espressobuzz

The Last Apothecary Crew, Burning Man 2016

Shing Yin Khor: Lead Artist/Project Manager/Build Lead

Carla Kaun: Lead Logistics/Painter

Scott Keeler: Master Carpenter/Co-Designer.

Heather Hoxsey: Carpenter/Painter/Weaver/Cook/Co-Designer

Chris Benton: Carpenter/Sound Design

Carl Lucas and Lana Wolverton: Video Design/Props/Paint

Sasha Sklar: Interaction Design

Additional Pre-playa Build Crew: Ami Goff, Eric Trueheart, Glenn, Ace, Sam Lemke, Scout Sparrow, Alana Blue, Dana Watanabe, Annie Rush, Mynx, Carl Lucas, Lana Wolverton

On-playa Build/Strike Crew: George Miranda (Whiskey), Erik Rasmussen (Fan-C), Ace, Phoenix, Kathryn McCulley, Olly Jones, Tom Driscoll, Megan Bettilyon, Sam Lemke, Scout Sparrow, Derek Lais

Art Support Camp: Jason Bender, Julianne Siadek, Jason Siadek

Shop Dogs: Bug, Scout, Chelsea, Madigan