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We are currently fundraising for the remainder of our budget on Kickstarter! This is also a way to own some unique props and items from the Last Apothecary!

Join Us

We’ll be putting up an official Call for Performance shortly. If you’d like to know more and get involved, feel free to email us at


Come and play in our world! The rules are simple – there isn’t any concrete evidence of aliens, and things are sort of dirty and rough, here in the outer colonies. Think Jaynestown, Jakku, Tatooine. We are located on a planet called the Black Rock. The year is 216 AE(which stands for “After Earth,” although Earth is still there), in the comparatively early days of space colonization.

Space Ephemera

We’re looking for the outer space colony equivalent of business cards, take out menus, classified ads and more, for our “community board,” and for use throughout the installation. Think ads for space mechanics who specialize in Old Earth infrastructure, and living pods for rent in substandard space neighbourhoods, posters for some sort of antigravity tonic hawked by spacesnake oil salesmen…


Send high resolution .jpgs, formatted to print at 8.5”x11”, to Assume that we will be printing with black ink. If you’d like to print them and mail them to us, contact us for a mailing address.

Space Artifacts

The Black Rock Apothecary is filled with artifacts, traditional medicines, and ritual objects, collected from Old Earth, bought from outer rim migrants, and sourced from the far reaches of the galaxy. Think of delicate jars filled with obscure herbs, and strange clay artifacts rumoured to heal strange maladies.

If you’d like to contribute to the collection, send an email to Please try not to send us any one-of-a-kind art that you’d be heartbroken to lose – the desert cares nothing for sentiment.

If you have interesting found objects of a medical variety(past or present), you can also print out specimen bag tags for them