the space hobo bottlecap divination board

I spent the last couple days of 2016 working on this idea for a space hobo divination board. I’ve been mulling over the idea of creating a larger divination toolkit for RPGs…basically, a box full of props for various imaginary fortune telling systems.

Anyway, I decided to create a bit of an asocial cloister for myself and do nothing but make art for 48 hours, and I emerged with the Space Hobo Divination Board(currently fundraising on Kickstarter for two weeks).

The next step that I’m really excited to play with, is building an interactive version of this board that includes some sort of programming to auto-deliver divinations. Been talking to my friend Sasha about RFID readers and thermal printers to see if we can make that happen. I’m going to finally learn how to work with micro controllers this year…it’s actually a bit embarrassing that I haven’t.

Oh, I also got to make some space brew puns, after about three hours of brainstorming with Jason in bed and a whole lot of awful puns. This one is an ongoing part of the project and I have yet to design most of the bottlecaps.


Most of the fun in this project has been in writing the prophecies. Here are a few of them:

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