In 2014, I designed and led the Last Outpost project, which was a honorarium installation at Burning Man 2014(archived grant proposal). The Last Outpost is an experiment in immersive and narrative art that expects and begs to be explored, touched, read, climbed. It is an adventure story, a treehouse playground, or snail-paced psychological horror.

The Last Outpost sits on the deep, open playa, near a stretch of orange fence. People once lived here, the final holdout against an approaching storm. Who were they? Why was the Last Outpost abandoned, still filled with the detritus of their everyday lives? The Last Outpost invites participants to create their own narrative amidst a decaying structure.

I talk more about the Outpost in this interview with the Do Art Foundation. Our progress blog, as well as more pictures, can be found at



Shing Yin Khor – Lead artist/designer, project manager, carpentry/setup and strike lead.

Scott Keeler – Carpentry, setup and strike.

Erik Nelson – Carpentry, setup and strike.

Jason Bender – Leave No Trace Lead, carpentry, setup and strike.

Jenn Nelson – Lighting Design Lead, props, paint.

Caddy(Matt Cadwallader) – Chef, carpentry, props, setup and strike.

Sasha Sklar – Interaction design, carpentry.

George Miranda – Project consultant, setup

Echo – Fixes the bad decisions, strike

Gollocks Murray – Designed roof.

Volunteers: Carl Lucas, Lana Wolverton, Mackenzie Firgens, Ange Sklar, Reilly Campbell