I sculpt awkward, charming, and awkwardly charming creatures trapped in a world of bumbling science, human fallibility and heroic futility. My themes are inspired by historical hoaxes, old museums, cabinets of curiosities and pre-Linnean taxonomy; My palettes are inspired by the more obnoxiously colourful parts of nature, especially invertebrates.

I also make and publish comics, mostly feminist drivel. You can find my comic work on The Toast and Bitch, as well as my own small press, Sawdust Press. I write the historical fiction comic Marie and Jeanne, write and illustrate the shoegazey near-future sci-fi Center for Otherworld Science, and the awkward monster comic Marlowe the Monster, all of which can be downloaded for free.

I am a member of the Circus Posterus artist collective.

Born in Malacca, a port city of Malaysia – and raised between cultures on a diet of fantasy tropes and post-colonial detritus – I currently call Los Angeles home.

“Sawdust Bear” was a nickname from my scene shop days when I wore a knit bear hat often(and it was often covered in sawdust).

You can email me at shingkhor@gmail.com

Things I’ve done:


  • Curious Beasts, Clutter Gallery, group show
  • Supahcute Science Fair, Leanna Lin’s Wonderland, group show
  • Travelling Circus, Rotofugi, group show with Circus Posterus
  • Dubious Beasts:Symbiosis, Archimedes Gallery, two person show with Leslie Levings
  • The Last Outpost, Burning Man 2014, honorarium installation, lead artist
  • Bewitching IV, Stranger Factory


  • Circus Annual II, Stranger Factory, group show
  • DesignerCon, exhibitor(with Circus Posterus)
  • A Nervous Harbour, Stranger Factory, solo show
  • Bewitching III, Stranger Factory
  • San Diego Comic Con, exhibitor
  • The Corner Museum of Dubious Beasts, Leanna Lin’s Wonderland (two person show with Leslie Levings)
  • Supah Mashup Art Party, Leanna Lin’s Wonderland, group show


  • DesignerCon, exhibitor
  • Subterrane, Stranger Factory
  • San Diego Comic Con, exhibitor
  • Supahcute Dream Team Show, ,Leanna Lin’s Wonderland various works
  • Creatures from the Deep, 225 Forest (group show) fiji mermaids
  • Wondercon, exhibitor
  • Creatures from the Black Lagoon, Zzxyz Gallery of Natural Science(group show)
  • Guumon@KULTUREZ, KULTUREZ (group custom show)


  • DesignerCon, exhibitor
  • Geek Girl Con, exhibitor
  • Alternative Press Expo, exhibitor
  • Burning Man (installation/mutant vehicle) -the junk boat
  • The Devastator, Issue 3(Cats!) – contributor
  • We Heart Japan(group show, Meltdown Comics, Los Angeles), tentacle wall plaques
  • Anime Expo, exhibitor
  • WonderCon, exhibitor


  • Renegade Craft Fair, Los Angeles, vendor
  • Long Beach Comic Con, exhibitor
  • DesignerCon, exhibitor
  • Alternative Press Expo, exhibitor
  • Faces of Skid Row, Crewest Gallery(group show), (three sculptures) seeker of recyclables, keeper of the bench, protector of the young.
  • APOPcalypse, the ARTery@the LAB, Costa Mesa, specimens from irradiated zone 9
  • Guumon Custom Show(JP Art Market, Jamaica Plains), maternal monster(custom toy).
  • Anime Expo(with ZOMGWTF! Studios), exhibitor
  • Immortal Gallery (their opening!) (group show, Downtown LA), various works.
  • Carnival Noir(Los Angeles, CA), vendor.
  • Pedals and Prints, Crewest Gallery(group show, Los Angeles, CA), bike + love (linoblock print).
  • $50 Art Show, The Red Loft(group show, Los Angeles, CA), various works.


  • Monsters on Bikes, Flying Pigeon (Los Angeles, CA), bike disaster #1, bike disaster #2 and seamonster loves bike (and you).
  • Cigar Box Art Show, 2nd Street Cigar Lounge & Gallery(Los Angeles), specimen boxes and dissection boxes.


  • Burning Man (art installation), The Omega1 Spacepod
  • Crammed Organisms, Cranky Yellow(St Louis, MO), various plush
  • Felt Club Holiday Show, vendor(as Strange Little Bear)


  • Morphe 2, Nest Studio(Australia), Estella the Bear.

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  • [...] and illustrator Shing Yin Khor’s online bio begins with a single four-word sentence: “I am a [...]

  • [...] and illustrator Shing Yin Khor's online bio begins with a single four-word sentence: "I am a [...]

  • Lee Ta Churn says:

    I like the Malayan Rainforest Larm. Yes, you have my vote.

  • Chad Roden says:

    I apparently need your permission to utilize a picture of yours on a t-shirt. Would not ever think of denying the artist, etc…just figured it was free media as nothing on my home computer flagged it as registered or trade-marked. I was only making 2 t-shirts with a pic. It is a swaddled Cthulhu by all accounts in a knitted garment. please get back to me and I will forward you the t-shirt graphic intended. thanks. Chad

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    Sawdust Press
    my little small press publishing company.

    The Center for Otherworld Science
    an absurdist sci fi comic about interpersonal workplace dynamics and giant monsters.

    marlowe the monster (2009-2012)
    a webcomic about a little monster in a big world.

    marie and jeanne
    A comic about Joan of Arc (with James Neish).

    the dusty junk
    a 25' mutant vehicle of a wooden junk boat built on an '88 GMC sierra flatbed.

    the last outpost
    a post-apocalyptic haunted house.

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    Circus Posterus at Rotofugi
    Rotofugi Gallery
    Chicago, IL
    February 2014

    Curious Beasts
    Clutter Gallery
    Beacon, NY
    February 2014

    Supahcute Science Fair
    Leanna Lin's Wonderland
    Eagle Rock, CA
    March 2014

    Dubious Beasts : Symbiosis
    (2 person show w/ Leslie Levings)
    Archimedes Gallery
    Cannon Beach, OR
    May 2014

    Burning Man
    Black Rock City, NV
    August 2014

    The Dubious Expedition
    Leanna Lin's Wonderland
    Eagle Rock, CA
    October 2014

    Pasadena, CA
    November 2014